About us

Over the years the Trust has made grants to a wide variety of charities, many of which have been assisted annually over a long period.

Trust activity

Individuals are not assisted, only registered UK charities.
Preference is given to small charities (annual turnover below £1 million).
The administration costs are kept to a minimum.
Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of their application and notification of the outcome within 10 days of the Review Meeting by E-Mail.
The preferred application method is by the online application form.

The Trustees

Dr Elizabeth Courtauld MA, MD, FRCPath, MB BChir

Mrs Catharine Hart – BSC (Hons) RM

Dr Christopher Philip George Hart – MBBS MA DMS DEH

Application Criteria

There are no specific criteria, but consideration is given, among other things, to:

  • People who are disadvantaged (in the widest sense)
  • Personal development through adventure
  • The environment
  • Whether the charity will be able to bring life-changing benefits to its clients
  • Whether a small grant of, say, £500 will really make a difference to the charity
  • How challenging the raising of the money for the particular cause will be
  • The number of people assisted per £ spent
  • The viability of the charity and where the rest of the money will come from
  • How much the charity spends on fund-raising and administration
  • Whether the charity works locally, nationally or internationally

Please see the application form for the next review and submission dates.